Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Choosing Car Insurance in UAE

by: Kinjal Shah

When choosing an insurer to take care of your car insurance, it is advisable to engage in some research first. An international insurer with a proven track record of delivering high levels of customer service is a practical choice to ensure peace of mind and hassle free driving.

Essentially, customer service in the motor insurance sector entails a prompt and educated response to a customer’s enquiry, appropriate quotes for the levels of desired protection, providing support during the contract period and importantly honouring a claim as stipulated in the insurance contract. International insurers with a long-standing experience are well equipped to deliver on such customer service benchmarks via their branches, call centres and their advanced web interfaces. You can now get a quote, buy or renew your policy and report a claim; all online and within a matter of minutes.

Many international insurers provide a full range of personal insurance solutions. These range from car, home, medical, travel, yacht, golf and personal accident insurance.

Having yourself, your family and your possessions insured with a reliable and recommended insurer translates to peace of mind and security against the unforeseen.

Do ensure that you are not carried away by the lucrative price offer provided by certain insurers in the UAE. A cheap insurance policy does not necessarily mean a good insurance policy. Hidden costs in the form of excesses maybe heavy on your pocket in the event of a claim. Read your policy wordings carefully and understand the implications before purchasing your car insurance in UAE.

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